Judge Deborah Krull

Democratic Candidate,

Delaware County Court of Common Pleas

Decisions by judges profoundly affect people from all walks of life, including their family members and loved ones.


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Throughout my career as a judge, a lawyer, and an elected official, I've had the benefit of seeing our justice system from every angle and I know it works best when we ensure that every person is treated fairly regardless of race, income, gender, or zip code.

As a magisterial district judge I have sought to make justice available equally to every person in my courtroom and preside over every case with integrity, honesty, and transparency. With your support, I'll continue to do so as a Judge in the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas.

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A Record of Compassion

"I know that you see a lot of cases a day and can't possibly remember them all but I wanted you to know that [my son] was in your courtroom and you were kind enough to give him a second chance by ordering him to long term rehab once a bed was available [...] I wanted to let you know that I really did appreciate you being willing to give him that second chance.


I believe you are a kind and caring Judge when needed and a strong and forceful Judge when necessary."

A letter from the mother of a defendant in Judge Krull's court